Paying for Home Care

Paying for Home Care

An elderly woman with a book sitting near the window.

“Worrying about my mom being home alone was overwhelming, and it kept me from being able to concentrate on my job. I was concerned she would fall and not be able to get to a phone and call for help. I was worried she wasn’t eating properly. I was concerned she would turn the stove on, forget about it, and burn down the house.”

What is the importance of Home Care?

In order to properly care for an aging parent, your first thought may be of a nursing home or assisted living facility.  However, studies show that in-home care provides seniors a safe environment adding to their happiness and longevity.

Home Care Financial Assistance & Payment Options

  • Medicare Benefit
    • There are many misconceptions around Medicare’s benefit for home care. Medicare does not pay for home care aides and only selectively covers home health care (such as Hosparus Services).
  • Medicaid (Home and Community Based Services)
    • Medicaid, an insurance program for low income seniors, pays for non-medical home care, home health care and other in-home supports to help the elderly remain living in their homes. However, Medicaid rules are state-specific and a limited number of waivers are available and waiting lists are common.
  • Veteran’s Programs
    • There are several forms of assistance from the Department of Veterans Affairs that help veterans afford home care. This may be direct financial assistance or care services that can reduce a veteran’s overall need.
  • Other Payment Options
    • Private pay
    • Long Term Care Insurance -This seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately it’s not. Some long term care policies pay for in-home care, but many cover only nursing home care. And some policies that do cover in-home care require that the home health care agency be certified and that your loved one’s health needs be serious enough to require a nurse practitioner or home nursing aide.
    • Reverse Mortgage
    • Home Equity Lines of Credit

Lighter Hearts Home Care can answer your questions and help find the solutions for financial assistance to aid you in caring for your loved ones.  We have several care packages to choose from that are based on your loved ones individual needs.

Call us Today or fill out the form below to begin  planning in-home care for your loved one. 

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