Myth’s about hiring process

Hello World!! Lighter Hearts is NOW hiring. YAY!!! We love our Seniors and even better we LOVE our caregivers. Without them we would have no business. I saw this and thought it would be helpful to share to anyone applying for a job in 2015.

OH…and one more thing. If you don’t have a resume….make one!! It’s super simple these days. If you don’t have a computer go to the library. They will even help you build a resume if you ask someone. Try this site:

I’m only going to share my top favorites from the original blog ( in hopes that we reach potential candidates before they apply to Lighter Hearts!!

Myth No. 1:  Cover letters still matter

Ask pretty much anyone over the age of 40 and most will say you need to send a separate cover letter when applying for a job, but the reality is that your email acts as the cover letter, says David Boggs, practice leader at WK Advisors, a division of executive search firm Witt/Kieffer. “Not only is there no need for a separate cover letter, you may actually be confusing potential employers with too many documents,” says Boggs.  He says when applying for a position or reaching out to a recruiter make sure your email is tailored for the specific person or company. After all blasting off a generic email isn’t going to help your prospects.

Myth 2: It’s ok to use the same resume over and over

Many job seekers will boast about sending out thirty resume in one day but then end up wondering why they got zero calls. The reason in most cases is job seekers are using the same resume for multiple job opportunities, which Joel Garfinkle,author of Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level, says is a big no no. He says it’s better to customize your resume to each job you are applying for. “The more you customize your resume to the opportunity, the greater you stand out compared to your competition,” he says.

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